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Minnesota Cadet Programs

Civil Air Patrol History

Civil Air Patrol was founded on Dec 1, 1941, just 7 days before the infamous bombing of Pearl Harbor.  During World War II, Civil Air Patrol pilots provided wartime support over the United States homeland.  After the creation of the Air Force, Civil Air Patrol became the Air Force's Auxiliary.  

Cadets weren't always part of Civil Air Patrol.  For the first year, Civil Air Patrol had no provision for anyone under 18.  However, late in 1942 Civil Air Patrol created the Cadet Program, allowing cadets under 18 to assist in the important wartime missions.

Today, Civil Air Patrol no longer provides military service, but is still part of the Air Force's Total Force.  It focuses on its three core missions, Aerospace Education, Emergency Services, and Cadet Programs.  Minnesota Wing has long been a leader in cadet programs.


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