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2024 Staff Information

Staff Applications

Applications: Opening Soon

Registration and Payments: Coming Soon!

Activity Information

Location: Building 10-143, Camp Ripley.  Camp Ripley Map

Staff List: Not available

Available Staff Positions

2024 MLA Cadet Staff Applications are Coming Soon

If selected for staff, registration coming soon

The following cadet staff positions are available (subject to change for the needs of the activity):

  • Cadet Admin Officer 
  • Cadet Duty Officer(s)
  • Cadet PAO Officer(s) 
  • Cadet ATS Seminar Leaders 
  • Cadet NCOS Seminar Leaders

Prerequisites for staff:

  • Must have encampment credit
  • Seminar Leader applicants must have graduated NCOS, BCOC/RCLS or COS
  • Ideal candidates are a minimum C/CMSgt
  • Ideal candidates will be consistently promoting and advancing through the cadet program

Application Details

To apply submit the following documents following the below instructions:

  1. CAP Resume
  2. Letter of Interest (LOI) in CAP memorandum format that states:
    • The positions that you are applying for in order of preference
    • Your goals for your first choice position
    • In your own words, the purpose and significance of your first choice position

Email your CAP Resume and Letter of Interest to in PDF format. Word documents, Google Drive links, OneDrive links, etc. will not be accepted. Please title according to the following format:

  • LastName, FirstName - LOI.pdf
  • LastName, FirstName - Resume.pdf

Please be sure to copy your unit commander and deputy commander for cadets when you email your application package.

If interviews are needed, they will be conducted the week of TBD.

Important Dates:
21 September: MLA Staff Training Day (Tentative)
16-20 October: MLA

MLA Arrival and Departure

Staff arrival: 1730 hrs.  If staff members are transporting students, the students may arrive early (with the staff).  Otherwise, students should arrive at the student arrival time on the Student Application Page.  Staff arrival uniform is the ABU.  Dinner will not be served on Wednesday, so please arrive having already eaten.

Lunch will not be served on the last day before departure.  Staff departure is 1500 hours, after building inspection by Camp Ripley staff.  For exemptions, please email your chain of command.

Calendar Information

MLA provides electronic calendars for staff use.  Due to the constantly updating needs of MLA and the regularly changing schedule, an electronic calendar is a means of instantly changing everyone's schedule simultaneously, to lower the amount of confusion.

Here are MLA's automatically-updated calendars:


The easiest way to use these calendars is to sign in to your Google account, visit the above links, and click the   +   Google Calendar  button in the bottom right of the page (or directly from this page).  You'll be taken to Google Calendar, and shown a popup asking whether you'd like to add a calendar.  Click Add.  That's it!  You'll need the Google Calendar app installed on your device (Android or iOS), and you'll get notifications for upcoming MLA schedule items.

If you followed those steps, but you're still not seeing your MLA calendar in Google Calendar, you might have to manually enable the specific calendar.  Go to your specific calendar settings, find the calendar called MN MLA-Phase-X, and make sure the box is checked next to it.

Accurate Medical Information

Because of the nature of the activities at MLA, it is vital that the information you supply in your application is accurate at the time of your application and upon in-processing at MLA.  For example, if there are any changes in your medical condition (including new restrictions and/or limitations), you must notify the Medical Officer at in-processing, if you have not done so prior to MLA.

Consistent with CAP’s Nondiscrimination Program, CAPR 36-1, no member will be excluded from participating in MLA because of a disability.  If you need an accommodation due to a disability, please contact the MLA Health Services Officer as soon as possible, so that reasonable accommodations can be explored.

Finally, due to the nature of the program and activities, CAP and its leadership cannot continually monitor compliance of your restrictions and/or limitations.  Accordingly, it is up to each cadet to participate actively in MLA within the cadet’s restrictions and/or limitations, and to use the accommodations provided, if necessary.


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