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2023 Senior Staff Applications

Applications are currently closed

Please email with any questions.

We are looking for senior members to serve on staff at the Minnesota Leadership Academy. Most questions can be answered by the information listed before.  Please email for any additional questions.

Position Descriptions

Seminar Advisor: The Seminar Advisor position is typically available for each school: Airman Training School (ATS), Non-Commissioned Officer School (NCOS), and Basic Cadet Officer Course (BCOC).  In general, Seminar Advisors need to have knowledge of the cadet program with experience and skill in dealing with cadets. They are responsible for the safety, health, and well being of the cadets. The Seminar Advisors provide senior member supervision of the cadets at all times. They will be available to the cadets for counseling, guidance, and feedback. They will set an example to the cadets in uniform appearance and customs and courtesies. For 2023, we are seeking 13 Seminar Advisors.

Dining Services Officer: This position is responsible for breakfast meal planning and preparation and food ordering for this event. Lunch and dinner will be served from the Camp Ripley Dining Facility.

Administrative/Transportation Officer: This position will manage administrative items such as assisting with resource needs, creating graduation certificates, and other duties as assigned during the activity. At this year's MLA, we prefer to combine this position with Transportation. Experience with transportation and possession of a CAP Driver's License is preferred.

Public Affairs Officer: This position will be responsible for photography, social media, and written materials showcasing this activity. Responsibilities will also include mentoring and managing a Cadet PAO team.

Finance Officer: This position will perform budget and financial tracking for this event.  The Finance Officer reports to the MLA Director.

Senior Member Staff Selection Requirements

To on Senior Staff for MLA, you must be a senior member in good standing with CAP.  You must have completed Level 1 of the Professional Development program, and the Cadet Protection Policy Training.  Experience in MLA or the Encampment environment is helpful, but not required.  Experience in CAP Cadet Programs is helpful, but not required.  A desire to participate and support the MN Wing Cadet Program is the key to a successful staff member.

Physical Requirements

  • Be able to walk 5 miles a day

  • Stand for an hour at a time

  • Carry a 10lb backpack


After you’ve been selected to be on senior staff you will need to decide where you are going to stay at Camp Ripley.  Your options are Basic Officer Quarters (BOQ) rooms, or Maid Service Quarters (MSQ) rooms.  BOQ rooms are available for free, but MSQ rooms are priced from $30 to $38 per night.

If you choose to stay in a BOQ room, you'll need to bring the following:

  • Bedding / Sleeping Bag
  • Pillow
  • Shower Towel
  • Flip flops for shower use
  • Toiletries

Arrival / Departure

Senior staff should plan on arriving an hour before students arrive.  Please plan to arrive by 1800 hours the first day.  Bring ABUs for wear during the weekend (corporates for BCOC staff), and blues for graduation.  Departure for senior staff happens shortly after student checkout at 1200 hours the last day.

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