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Encampment 2023 Important Dates

Cadre Training Weekend: Thursday March 30, 2023 - Sunday April 2, 2023

Encampment Prep School: Friday April 28, 2023 - Sunday April 30, 2023

Encampment: Saturday June 24 - Saturday July 1, 2023


Encampment activities are held at
Camp Ripley National Guard Base near Little Falls, MN 

Applications open in Spring 2023!



Encampment Overview

On this page, you'll learn more about Encampment activities in the Minnesota Wing. Minnesota Wing Encampment is a highly anticipated activity each year.  Touted as the most influential week in a cadet's career, expectations are high, and Encampment delivers! 

  • First year students attend the Basic Learning Course (BLC), learning followership, teamwork, and self-discipline. 
  • Encampment Preparatory School (EPS) is unique to MNWG as a weekend "snapshot" of what Encampment is like, to help cadets prepare for the Encampment experience. EPS is required for cadets under 13 years of age to attend MNWG Encampment
  • Second year students can attend the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC)

Cadet Encampment is “an immersion into the full challenges and opportunities of cadet life”.
This one-week course is held annually, mid-summer, at Camp Ripley, near Little Falls MN. The purpose is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise and reinforce their moral character.

Encampment is open to cadets who have completed Achievement 1 (first promotion) and have permission from their parents or guardian and unit commander.
Cadets under the age of 13 are required to attend MN Encampment Preparatory School, a weekend course held prior to encampment.

Cost and Refunds

The cost for Encampment week for all cadet students (BLC and ALC) and cadet cadre is $300. 
This covers all meals, materials, and lodging for Encampment week.

Due the complex nature of this activity, no refunds are available after applications close.
Refund requests received prior to applications closing will be submitted for consideration to Wing DCP LtCol Albright. 
Refund requests for Encampment that are approved are subject to a $50 administrative fee.

Basic Learning Course (1st Year Encampment)

Encampment's Basic Leadership Course (BLC) is for 1st Year cadet Encampment students. 
Earning Encampment credit is the gateway to further cadet advancement, scholarships, and National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs).
It's also one of the requirements needed to become a cadet officer.

But Encampment is much more than just a requirement.  It's also a learning opportunity, and like all CAP cadet activities, fun is included! 
At basic Encampment, new cadets learn drill movements, perfect customs and courtesies, memorize Civil Air Patrol facts, practice followership and more.

Encampment's purpose is to provide the most influential week of training in a cadet's career. 
You'll definitely learn a lot!  Earning Encampment credit makes you eligible for:

  • Civil Air Patrol academic, aerospace and pilot education/aviation scholarships
  • National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs)
  • Cadet Staff applications for Encampment and other Wing Cadet Programs activities

To attend Encampment this summer as a first year student (BLC student), you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be 13 years old by the beginning of Encampment OR
  • Attend the Encampment Prepartory School (EPS) (details below)

BLC Student Packing List

Encampment Applications open on May 1

Encampment Preparatory School (EPS)

EPS is a weekend preparatory version of Encampment, where some of the skills for basic Encampment are taught.  It's like a snapshot of what Encampment week will be like and helps you prepare for Encampment for a week. You'll get an intro to Encampment drill, get a feel for the atmosphere, and learn some of the basic practices. 

All cadets are encouraged to attend EPS, however EPS is a requirement to attend MNWG Encampment if you're under 13
It helps less experienced cadets get up to speed beforehand so the first few days of Encampment will be a little easier. 
Feel free to check out CAPP 60-71, the Cadet Encampment Handbook for even more info about Encampment.

2023 EPS Information 

Dates: April 28, 2023 - April 30, 2023 (Friday through Sunday)
Arrival Time: 7:00 PM
Arrival Uniform: ABUs
Location: Building 7-130, Camp Ripley, MN

Cost: $50
Application window: March 24-April 7

 Graduation time (Sunday): 10:45 AM
Departure time (Sunday): 12:00 PM


EPS Student Packing List

Applications open March 24

Due the nature of this activity, no refunds are available after applications close.
Refund requests received prior to applications closing will be submitted for consideration to Wing DCP LtCol Albright. 
Refund requests for Encampment Preparatory School that are approved are subject to a $25 administrative fee.

Advanced Leadership Course (2nd Year Students)

After attending basic Encampment, cadets are encouraged to attend as second year students at ALC (Advanced Leadership Course).  

Encampment's Advanced Leadership Course is geared towards developing teamwork and leadership skills in Cadet NCOs and Officers in a challenging environment. In the past, ALC has spent time on the range in Camp Ripley, used rifle simulators, had orientation rides on US Army CH-47 Chinook helicopters, and trained with a variety of other agencies.  ALC will be more difficult than your first year at Encampment, but the extra work is worth it!

ALC has its roots in an older MN program for developing future staff members.  And it's true: many of the skills you'll learn in ALC can be transferred to CAP staff positions.  However, ALC is more than just a staff prep school. It is a robust program that focuses on leadership, career exploration and personal growth.  Students learn how to think independently and lead a team towards a common goal.  This is done through ALC-specific activities that aren't offered to the rest of Encampment.

ALC isn't for everyone. Eligibility Requirements include:

  • Be C/SSgt in eServices at the time of application
  • Have graduated from Encampment 

If you're accepted to ALC, you'll be sent a recommended PT plan to follow for ALC. 
The fitness regime will be challenging, but realistic for any cadet to take on.

At ALC, you'll learn advanced leadership concepts and have a chance to put them into practice. You'll hear from guest speakers, practice planning and following schedules, and experience multiple hands-on activity days.

ALC Student Packing List

Encampment Applications open on May 1

In the Future: Staffing Encampment

As an Encampment graduate, one of the best opportunities for second and third year cadets is to apply for staff at Encampment. Staff will have opportunities to learn hands-on leadership and real-world skills, and it's one of the most rewarding experiences in CAP. 
Learn more about staffing Encampment.

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