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Encampment 2022 Dates

March 4-6: Cadre Selection Exercise (Fri-Sun) (Bldg 10-145)
March 31 - April 3: Cadre Training Weekend (Thur-Sun) (Bldg 7-134)
April 29 - May 1: Encampment Preparatory School (Fri-Sun) (Bldg 7-130)
June 23: Encampment Exec Staff Arrival (Thursday) 
June 24: Encampment Cadre Arrival (Friday)
June 25 - July 2: Encampment (Saturday to Saturday) (Bldg 9-131, 9-132, 9-134)

Encampment will be held at Camp Ripley national guard base in northern Minnesota.  Apply now!



Minnesota Wing Encampment is a highly anticipated activity each year.  Touted as the most influential week in a cadet's career, expectations are high, and Encampment delivers!  First year students attend the Basic Learning Course (BLC), learning followership, teamwork, and self-discipline.  Second year students can attend the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC), or apply for staff.  Cadet Encampment is “an immersion into the full challenges and opportunities of cadet life”. This one-week course is held annually, mid-summer, at Camp Ripley, Little Falls MN. The purpose is for cadets to develop leadership skills, investigate the aerospace sciences and related careers, commit to a habit of regular exercise and reinforce their moral character.

Encampment is open to cadets who have completed Achievement 1 (first promotion) and have permission from their parents or guardian and unit commander. Cadets under the age of 13 and not yet cadet Staff Sergeants are required to attend MN Encampment Preparatory School, a weekend course held prior to encampment.

Basic Learning Course

First year students at Encampment will attend the Basic Learning Course (BLC).  Sometimes referred to as "Basic Encampment," this is a requirement for upper level promotions and national activities, and it opens the door to many opportunities in Civil Air Patrol.  

During Encampment, first year students will learn customs and courtesies, drill, followership, and teamwork.  Cadets are split into flights of 8-14 members, and compete for honor flight each day.  If a student is both under the age of 14, AND is not yet a cadet Staff Sergeant, they're required to attend MN Encampment Preparatory School (MEPS).  MEPS is a preparatory weekend activity that will set new cadets up for success at Encampment, and while newer cadets are required to attend prior to Encampment, all cadets are welcome to sign up.

Advanced Leadership Course

After attending basic Encampment, cadets are encouraged to come back and attend again!  Second year students can apply for ALC (Advanced Leadership Course), or try out for staff.

Staffing Encampment

One of the best opportunities for second and third year cadets is to apply for staff at Encampment.  Staff will have opportunities to learn hands-on leadership and real-world skills, and it's one of the most rewarding experiences in CAP.  Learn more about staffing Encampment.

Apply for Encampment

Encampment applications are usually accepted on a first-come first-served basis.  Feel free to email with any Encampment related questions.  Financial assistance is available through the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP), which can be applied for through eServices.  If you apply for CEAP, don't pay for your Encampment application right away.  If your CEAP application is accepted, no further action will be needed, and if your CEAP application is not accepted, encampment staff will reach out to let you know and to provide payment information.

Apply for the 2022 Encampment (24th CTG) 

Cost: $262 (MEPS is provided for free with a normal BLC application)

Application Deadlines

- MN Encampment Preparatory School (MEPS): 19 April 2022

- MN Encampment Basic Learning Course (BLC): 27 May 2022

- MN Encampment Advanced Leadership Course (ALC): 27 May 2022


To apply, please fill out the following two forms in order.  If you've applied for CEAP, check the CEAP box, even if your application is still pending.

1. MNCAP Form (and payment). 

2. Supplemental information (required)

Check your application status

Check your application status

Applied means we've received the initial application, but not your supplemental information.  Accepted means you've successfully completed all required items in your Encampment application.  Please give the Encampment staff 1-2 days to process your application.  If your status doesn't look right, feel free to email with any questions.

Please apply using the information above. Once your application is submitted, you will have a few pre-arrival tasks. They are:

  • Upload a completed CAPF 160

  • Upload a completed CAPF 162 (must be filled out by your physician)

  • Upload a copy of the front and back of your insurance cards (medical and pharmacy)

These pre-arrival tasks will be completed using a system called iGrade.  Instructions on this will be sent following the acceptance of your application.  Once the forms are completed, you will need to manually upload them to the system.  Don't email these forms - they must be uploaded to iGrade directly.

Next Steps

After applying, check out the following pages:

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