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Encampment 2022 Dates

March 4-6: Cadre Selection Exercise (Fri-Sun)
March 31 - April 3: Cadre Training Weekend (Thur-Sun)
April 29 - May 1: Encampment Preparatory School (Fri-Sun)
June 23: Encampment Exec Staff Arrival (Thursday)
June 24: Encampment Cadre Arrival (Friday)
June 25 - July 2: Encampment (Saturday to Saturday)


Minnesota Wing Encampment is a highly anticipated activity each year.  Touted as the most influential week in a cadet's career, expectations are high, and Encampment delivers!  First year students attend the Basic Learning Course (BLC), learning followership, teamwork, and self-discipline.  Second year students can attend the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC), or apply for staff!

First year students

First year students at Encampment will attend the Basic Learning Course (BLC).  Sometimes referred to as "Basic Encampment," this is a requirement for upper level promotions and national activities, and it opens the door to many opportunities in Civil Air Patrol.  

During Encampment, first year students will learn customs and courtesies, drill, followership, and teamwork.  Cadets are split into flights of 8-14 members, and compete for honor flight each day.  

Second year cadets

After attending basic Encampment, cadets are encouraged to come back and attend again!  Second year students can apply for ALC (Advanced Leadership Course), or try out for staff.

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