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Basic Learning Course (BLC)

Encampment's Basic Leadership Course (BLC) is the first year experience for new cadets.  Also known as Basic Encampment, it opens many doors to further promotion, scholarships, and national activities!  But Encampment is much more than just a requirement.  It's also a learning opportunity, and like all CAP cadet activities, fun is included!  At basic Encampment, new cadets learn drill movements, perfect customs and courtesies, memorize Civil Air Patrol facts, and practice followership.  

Why Basic Encampment

Encampment's purpose is to provide the most influential week of training in a cadet's career.  You'll definitely learn a lot!  But there are also a lot of benefits for going to basic Encampment.  Most Civil Air Patrol scholarships require that you first attend Encampment, like the Dr Ron Hanson Academic Scholarship for cadets applying to college, or the Spaatz Association Aerospace Leadership scholarship for cadets on their way to a private pilot's license.  National Cadet Special Activities are also available to CAP cadets who have completed Encampment.  Encampment is a requirement before promoting to a cadet officer.

The staff has been working to make this year's Encampment the best experience for you!  Be sure to apply right away as there is limited space.

If you want to attend Encampment in June as a first year student (BLC student), you must meet at least one of the following three requirements:

Be 14 years old by the beginning of Encampment OR
Be a C/SSgt by the beginning of Encampment OR
Attend the Encampment Prep School

We prefer that you submit your payment and forms online.  If you must mail the forms and/or payment, please email for more information. 


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