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Graduation is an exciting ceremony for the cadets. After their long and arduous week of training, students celebrate by performing a military-style Pass In Review ceremony, followed by awards presentations to the honor cadet of each flight and squadron.  All parents are welcome to attend! Graduation is on the last day of Encampment, at the Camp Ripley Chapel.  

2024 Encampment Graduation Schedule

Parent Briefing / slideshow:  1000-1020 (inside chapel)
Pass-In-Review (Parade):  1030-1100
Graduation Ceremony:  1100-1230

Student barracks for out-processing (after graduation):

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & ALC Students: Building TBD

Delta, Echo, Foxtrot: Building TBD

Golf, Hotel, India: Building TBD



Since Camp Ripley is a military base, there's security at the front gate.  You'll need a valid photo ID for everyone over 18 that they'll scan when letting you in.  Since we often have around 50 people showing up at a similar time, please add a couple minutes to your trip time for security checkin.  

We usually have bleachers set up to watch the final Pass in Review and Graduation ceremony, however we recommend bringing a lawn chair.

After student graduation, students march in their flights back to their barracks, collect their belongings, sign out, and then are allowed to leave from that location. If you are able, we recommend that you park near the 7-133 barracks and walk over to the Chapel, this will make pick-up of your cadet and their bags much smoother once the ceremony is over.

Lunch will not be served on graduation day for any students. Students are also not permitted to use our buildings to change out of uniform after the graduation.


Email with any graduation related questions.

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