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MN Encampment Preparatory School (MEPS)

Prepare for Encampment

2022 MEPS Information 

Dates: April 29 - May 1 (Friday through Sunday)
Arrival Time: 7:00 PM
Arrival Uniform: ABUs
Location: Building 7-130, Camp Ripley, MN

Cost: included in normal Encampment fee
Application deadline: 19 April 2022

 Graduation time (Sunday): 10:45 AM
Departure time (Sunday): 12:00 PM

Not sure whether you're ready for Encampment?  Then MN Encampment Preparatory School (MEPS) is for you!  MEPS is a weekend preparatory version of Encampment, where some of the skills for basic Encampment are taught.  You'll get an intro to Encampment drill, get a feel for the atmosphere, and learn some of the basic practices.  Know that this isn't the whole thing though!  Encampment itself has much more time for fun activities and in-depth training.

MEPS is also a requirement if you're both under 14 and haven't attained the rank of C/SSgt yet.  It helps less experienced cadets get up to speed beforehand so the first few days of Encampment will be a little easier.  If you're 14 or above, OR you're already a C/SSgt, you're not required to attend.  That said, you can always still go to MEPS just to get a head start.  Feel free to check out CAPP 60-71, the Cadet Encampment Handbook for even more info about Encampment.

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