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Parents, Friends, and Family

So you've signed up for Encampment!  Encampment is an exciting time for your cadet.  Over the course of a week, they'll be learning the basics of the cadet program (or, for second year students, more advanced leadership!).  Here are some resources to help you support your cadet.  Please note that you can always email with any questions relating to Encampment! 

Getting ready for Encampment

Getting ready for Encampment is exciting!  For many students, this could be their first time away from home for an extended period.  Want a prep weekend?  Sign up for the Minnesota Encampment Preparatory School weekend to get an advance taste of the Encampment atmosphere.  Want more info about the Encampment experience?  Read about it on the first-year Encampment page.  And don't forget to review the packing list to make sure you've got everything you need.  


Encampment and the preparatory activities leading up to it have historically been held at Camp Ripley national guard base, in northern Minnesota.  For many squadrons, that's a significant drive, so squadrons often coordinate shared transportation to and from Encampment.  See our Transportation Information page for more details, and to see the arrival information for initial processing for your Encampment student.

Communicating with your cadet

During Encampment, first year students aren't allowed access to technology, and therefore can't post to social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc.).  They also won't be able to call or text you during the week.  However, we have set up a message system to send your cadets messages, and we support sending encouraging messages to your cadet during Encampment!  Check out our Contact a Cadet page for more details.


All parents, family, and friends are invited to join us on the last day of Encampment to witness the formal Pass in Review ceremony, and participate in the cadet graduation ceremony.  If you'd like to attend, find more details on our Graduation info page.

Encampment scholarships

The Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) is the scholarship fund for CAP cadets during their first year at Encampment.  We encourage all cadets that would like to be considered for Encampment funding to apply for CEAP.  See more details at the national CEAP page.

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