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Contact a Student, Cadre, or Staff Member

During Encampment, students aren't allowed to have electronic devices, to ensure they're able to focus on the week's training at all times.  To allow for encouraging messages from parents and friends, we've created a student contact form that you can use to contact your Encampment student during the week of Encampment.  (We'll be posting though!  More details on our photos page!)

For emergencies, please contact our staff directly.

Submission guidelines

Submissions will not be accepted past noon on 1 July.

Encampment mail is accepted at encampment from when students are dropped off until noon on the day before graduation.  We ask that you refrain from sending discouraging or upsetting news during the week of Encampment so that students can concentrate on their training.  Please also refrain from sending confidential personal information, as an Encampment staff member reviews all incoming mail to make sure they are appropriate for the environment in which we are working.  We look forward to seeing you at graduation!

After your message is received and reviewed, it will be printed and delivered at the end of the day during the cadets' personal time each night.  Messages to Encampment staff and cadre are printed and picked up by the individual cadre members. 

Contact a member of Encampment

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