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Transportation to Encampment

Transportation To And From Encampment

2022 Student Arrival Information 

Date: June 25, 2022
Arrival Time: 1:00 PM (1300 hrs)
Arrival Uniform: ABUs
Location: Camp Ripley Military Museum


Please contact Encampment staff if you will be arriving late.

Many squadrons will provide transportation to encampment.  Most do not provide transportation home, but ask that you join us at Camp Ripley for Graduation on Saturday.  Contact your local squadron if you are requesting transportation.

Each family is responsible for coordinating transportation to and from Encampment.  However, many local squadrons provide transportation to their cadets to and from Encampment, so check with your local unit to see if they are arranging rides.  

Encampment is held at Camp Ripley, and the student drop-off location is the Minnesota Military Museum within Camp Ripley.  Cadets are expected to already be in ABUs before arriving.  There will not be time or space to change before in-processing.

Be aware that Camp Ripley is a military installation, and is usually at a higher state of readiness than the rest of the country.  Due to heightened security concerns, all adults in your vehicle will need to have their driver’s licenses available when you drop off or pick up your cadet.  Depending on their FPCON (Force Protection Condition), they may only check your ID, might check your insurance, or could even have to search you or your vehicle (rarely).


After dropping off your student at the Military Museum, Encampment staff will escort them to the in-processing flow where a quick medical quiz will be administered and they'll be told which flight they'll be with for the week.  At that point, they'll be escorted by Encampment staff members to the buildings where they'll be staying for the week.  Since this is a very quick process, make sure you say your goodbyes before dropping them off at the museum!  

After completing in-processing, your cadet won't have access to any electronic devices during their Encampment stay.  However, we've created a cadet contact form so you can send your cadet encouraging messages during the week!  Also, watch your email for links to each day's photos!

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