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Cadre Selection Exercise  

Encampment is a cadet run activity, and cadet support and line staff positions are the bread and butter.  Encampment cadet staff are selected at a weekend Cadre Selection Exercise (CSE), where they're tested on knowledge from Encampment publications, drill proficiency, situational leadership and uniform, and then interviewed for their top positions.


All cadet staff members should have completed these prerequisites in order to be eligible to apply for Encampment staff.

  • Have Encampment credit - in state or out of state (before the CSE)

  • Complete the basic Operational Risk Management quiz (before the CSE)

  • Complete ICUT (Introductory Communications User Training) (before CSE).  (This is found in the new AXIS portal; practical will be offered at the CTW after staff selection)

  • Promote at least twice since the last Encampment (before the CSE)

  • Complete the intermediate Operational Risk Management quiz (before the CTW)

  • Be at least a C/SSgt (before the EPS)

Application Process

2022 CSE Information

Cadre Selection Exercise applications are open during TBD.

Start a new application

Pay for an existing application

Check your application's status

2022 CSE Google Form


Location: Camp RipleyBuilding: TBD.  Dates: March 4-6, 2022.  Arrival Uniform: ABUs.

Start Time: Saturday at 0900 hrs (breakfast not provided).  End Time: Saturday at 1900 hrs (dinner provided).


To apply for staff, you'll need to attend this season's CSE (Cadre Selection Exercise).  To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the online application (see link above)

  2. Payment of $35 (complete in step 1, or see payment link above).  No refunds will be issued after the close of CSE applications.

  3. Fill out this year's CSE Google Form to select which positions you'll be applying for.  (See Google Forms link above.)

  4. Fill out an Encampment Activities Permission Form

  5. Fill out CAPF 163

  6. Take a picture of yourself in your ABU (from name tape up; no cover)

  7. Send the items from steps 4-6 to (use attachments; don't link to external sites)

Once you've applied, you can check your status using the Status Check link above.  An Accepted status means that you are accepted to the CSE, and no further action is required.  An Applied status means that we're missing forms or payment from you.  Check that you've sent in all your forms as listed above.  It may take a day or two to update.  If you've sent in all your forms and feel that your status isn't accurate, email for clarification.

Out of State Applicants

Out of state applications are not being accepted for the 2021 Encampment season.

In addition to the above requirements, all non-Minnesota CAP members must submit the CAPF 60-81 signed by your squadron, group (if applicable), and wing commander. Scan and e-mail to If there is a delay in getting these signatures and you need to request an extension to the deadline, you must e-mail as soon as possible for an extension to be considered.

What to Pack

Applicants must bring ABUs, Blues, PT clothing, their CAP ID card, a water bottle, a sleeping bag, a pen or pencil, a notepad, appropriate toiletries, and a safety vest or belt.  It's recommended to also bring a watch and a pillow.  While social media isn't allowed for applicants during the CSE, phones are allowed for time and scheduling.

Knowledge Test Reference

Questions on the knowledge test will come from this list.

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