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Apply for Cadet Executive Staff

2022 Executive Applications Information

Applications accepted before: December 31, 2021

Interviews will take place on: January 15-16, 2022

The Encampment Commandant of Cadets is 1st Lt Sarah Hall. Email your application documents to her at


Cadet executive staff are selected earlier on in the Encampment season.  Executive staff are responsible for managing large sections of the Encampment program.  Executive staff positions include:

  • CTG Commander

  • CTG Deputy Commander for Basic Learning (1st year students)

  • CTG Deputy Commander for Advanced Leadership (2nd year students)

  • CTG Executive Officer

  • CTG Squadron Commanders

  • Assistant Deputy Commander for Advanced Training

  • Head of Dining

  • Leadership Officer

To apply, send an email to the Commandant of Cadets (see above) with the following information, before the executive cadre application deadline (see above).

  1. A list, in order of preference, of the positions you are applying for.

  2. Your CAP Resume

  3. A memorandum style cover letter (per CAPP 1-2) (see templates) describing three goals you have for the top position you are applying for, and how those goals would enhance the Encampment as a whole.

  4. The name of one cadet and one senior member you have asked to represent you to the selecting panel.  They will be sent a brief Google Survey to fill out that will aid the panel in understanding your leadership style and strengths.  Please send their email addresses as well.

Please read MNENC Pamphlet 030-1 Cadre Selection to ensure you meet the grade requirements.  All applicants must be able to obtain C/Capt by the start of Encampment, and some positions require it to even apply.  All applicants must have promoted at least once between the end of last Encampment and the selection interviews.  Also read the OI on Cadre Reduction and Addition.  Email the Commandant of Cadets with any questions.

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