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2024 Encampment Senior Staff Info


Senior Staff Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2024 season

NEW THIS YEAR! A $25 Activity Fee for all Senior Members


Chief of Staff: Major Leslie Seery, 

Encampment couldn't happen without senior member support.  If you're willing to volunteer your time as a senior member, just fill out the senior interest form above.  Senior members can be Training Officers, shadowing cadet flights and watching for safety, as well as more executive positions like Public Affairs, Logistics, Supply, Dining, or others.  If you have a field of interest, or if you can't make the whole week, let us know in your interest form.

Please feel free to apply for any and all positions you feel you would enjoy serving in. While the purpose of our encampment is the training and development of our cadets, it takes a strong corps of Senior members to support the activity. Should you have any questions, please reach out to the Chief of Staff above.

Positions available(For those where a Primary has been selected, we might be looking to have assistants for that role)

CAP Driver's License

It is very helpful for all senior members to obtain their CAP driver’s license. This allows you to drive the CAP vans which transports the cadets to various locations while on base at Camp Ripley.  

To get a CAP Driver's license, you'll need to obtain a copy of your driver's record from the DMV and upload it to eServices.

  1. Log in to eServices

  2. Find Operations Qualifications under Menu > Operations > Operations Qualifications

  3. In the left hand side, click Driver's License.

  4. Enter your CAPID and upload your driver's record.

  5. Upload a picture of your driver's license, front and back.


After you’ve been selected to be on senior staff you will need to decide where you are going to stay at Camp Ripley.
Your options are:

  • Basic Officer Quarters – BOQ rooms (free), one or two bunks per room

  • Maid Service Quarters – MSQ rooms (nominal fee; around $30-$40/night), single bed.

If you choose to stay in a BOQ room, you'll need to bring:

  • bedding/sleeping bag

  • pillow

  • shower towel

  • flip flops for use in shower

  • toiletries

MSQ room styles vary per area.  They include individual rooms with shared bath between 2 rooms, twin bed with bedding, TV, mini fridge and towels. Rates range from $27.00 – $37.00 per night.

To reserve an MSQ room, contact the Chief of Staff above.

Positions Available

Safety Officer

The Safety Officer:

  • Monitors safe practices during all aspects of encampment and reporting any discrepancies to the Encampment Command Staff.

  • Develops a Safety Plan before encampment that will assist staff members and attendees in dealing with emergency situations.

  • Assesses the adequate availability and functionality of all necessary safety equipment.

  • Monitors the heat index and takes appropriate actions as needed.

  • Prepares incident reports as necessary and submits them to the Encampment Commander.

  • Coordinates with Chief of Staff to recruit subordinate staff members for their section as they deem necessary.

  • Reports directly to the Encampment Commander.

Health Services Officer

The Health Services Officer:

  • Is responsible for monitoring the health and well-being of the staff members and attendees at encampment.

  • Develops a Medical Plan before the activity.

  • Administers care to members requiring first aid and determines the need for a higher level of care when necessary.

  • Will not exceed the scope of their abilities as a member of Civil Air Patrol at a CAP activity.

  • Keeps a log of all care provided during encampment.

  • Will follow all CAP regulations pertaining to health services during a CAP activity

  • Is responsible for recruiting subordinate staff members. Support Staff members need to be approved by the Command Staff.

  • Reports directly to the Deputy Commander.

Finance Officer

The Finance Officer:

  • Works with the Encampment Command Team and subordinates before the activity to develop department budgets and create an expenditure approval process for the Encampment.

  • Works closely with the Wing Administrator and the Encampment Administrative Officer before the activity to ensure that adequate records are maintained regarding encampment registration fees.

  • Works with the Encampment Chief of Staff prior to encampment to ensure that all encampment scholarships are paid in a timely manner.

  • Manages the collection of all encampment fees as well as any other monies collected during the activity.

  • Makes bank deposits as necessary during the activity, per arrangements with the Wing Administration, and Wing Finance Officer.

  • Tracks all encampment expenses both before and during the activity.

  • Completes the encampment finance report immediately following the activity and submits it to the Encampment Commander.

  • Coordinates with Chief of Staff to recruit subordinate staff members for their section as they deem necessary.

  • Reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

Administrative Officer

The Administrative Officer:

  • Manages the application process to include the oversight of all submitted encampment registration forms before the activity and maintains them in an organized fashion throughout the duration of the activity.

  • Coordinates with the Finance Officer to ensure the status of all registered attendees and their payments.

  • Oversees In-Processing during encampment along with the Chief Training and Counseling Officer.

  • Oversees the review and distribution of communications sent to Students.

  • Is responsible for printing encampment certificates.

  • Handles any personnel actions (i.e. Certificates of Appreciation, etc.) that occur during the activity.

  • Provides the command staff with the data necessary to generate the encampment report.

  • Coordinates with Chief of Staff to recruit subordinate staff members for their section as they deem necessary.

  • Delegates to, and mentors the cadet Administrative Officer(s).

  • Reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

Logistics Officer

Without logistics, nothing would happen.  The logistics and transportation officers make sure that everything we need at encampment is there.  From vehicles to bedding to toilet paper.  You'll also have a small cadet logistics staff to help with tasks like resupplying bathrooms, checking batteries, and anything else you might need.

The Logistics Officer:

  • Coordinates with each group to determine their supply requirements no less than two months prior to the encampment.

  • Develops and coordinates a process/system to manage all orders for supplies from Ripley Supply and external entities.

  • Is responsible for maintaining an inventory of supplies and acquiring additional supplies from the Supply and Services.

  • Develops and implements a system for the issuance of encampment t-shirts, linens, canteens, SOPs, and other equipment to participants.

  • Is responsible for developing and implementing a demobilization plan for all personnel to include barracks, classroom, offices, and range days.

  • Supervises the Transportation Officer or performs those duties if the position is not filled.

  • Coordinates all demands for graduation.

  • Coordinates with Chief of Staff to recruit subordinate staff members for their section as they deem necessary.

  • Delegates to, and mentors all cadet logistics officers.

  • Reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

Transportation Officer

The Transportation Officer:

  • Contacts wing vehicle custodians before the activity to coordinate the use of wing vans during encampment.

  • Coordinates van transportation for all students (primary) and seniors (secondary) requiring transportation to the event to ensure the most efficient use of COVs to and from encampment.

  • Develops a fueling system to ensure all vans will start the following day with adequate fuel.

  • Performs daily vehicle inspections at the beginning of each day and ensures that the vehicle logbooks are being kept up to date and submits end of month mileage to Wing LGT if encampment runs through the end of the month.

  • Coordinates any needed repairs with local agencies and the Wing Transportation Officer.

  • Develops transportation plans each day of encampment to ensure all schools have adequate transportation.

  • Is responsible for transporting items as requested by the Encampment Staff.

  • Ensures that all vans are cleaned and fueled on the last full day of the activity.

  • Reports directly to the Logistics Officer.

Curriculum and Plans Officer

The Curriculum and Plans Officer:

  • Is responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive schedule for the Cadet Training Group that incorporates all necessary requirements for encampment participation credit according to CAP regulations. The schedule will include all class titles and instructors.

  • Investigates opportunities for tours and guest speakers.

  • Programs the curriculum so that the encampment fulfills the minimum required content IAW Civil Air Patrol regulations.

  • Develops a plan of instruction for the Encampment Commander’s approval.

  • Develops and maintaining the basic encampment schedule, and verifying guest speakers participation and tour hosts readiness in advance.

  • Selects and prepares instructors (senior staff, cadre, or guests) for required courses; monitoring courses to ensure the students attain the learning objectives.

  • Is responsible for recruiting subordinate staff members for this section and coordinating their selection with the Executive Team.

  • Reports directly to the Commandant of Cadets

Information Technology Officer

The Information Technology Officer:

  • Should have a good knowledge of Microsoft TEAMS, SharePoint, and office products.

  • Conducts one time training to staff on the use of the encampment Microsoft Environment.

  • Provide Tier 1 and limited Tier 2 support to encampment staff before and during the activity.

  • Is responsible for updating and maintaining the encampment website and Facebook page in cooperation with the Encampment Public Affairs Officer, before and during the activity.

  • Coordinates with the Public Affairs Staff to update the encampment website with newsletters, pictures, and video of encampment activities.

  • Ensures internet accessibility in the staff offices and classrooms as required.

  • Set up and manage intranet access for printers etc. in command office.

  • Sets up any necessary equipment for classes, such as overhead projectors or computers.

  • Troubleshoots any technological difficulties with equipment as they arise, or coordinates with Ripley to ensure continued uptime.

  • Coordinates with Chief of Staff to recruit subordinate staff members for their section as they deem necessary.

  • Mentors and assigns work to Cadet ITO.

  • Reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer:

  • Works with CAP and External Agencies to ensure an adequate inventory of VHF Radios and Repeaters.

  • Coordinates spectrum and frequency use with Camp Ripley per CAPR100-1

  • Is responsible for issuing equipment to encampment staff members during the activity and maintaining proper care of the equipment when it is not assigned.

  • Publishes a Communications Plan before the end of the first day, and distributes it to all encampment staff members during the activity.

  • Produces a plan for the timely collection of all equipment at the end of encampment and submits the plan to the Logistics Officer for inclusion in the Demobilization Plan.

  • Returns the radio equipment to its proper custodian after the activity.

  • Manages and mentors all senior and cadet communications staff.

  • Reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

Public Affairs Officers

We need two seniors to fill this role; a primary and secondary.  If you have experience in public affairs, journalism, photography, videography, or writing, this might be the position for you!  The PAO has 3-5 cadet staff members, and is responsible for managing Encampment's online presence before and during Encampment.  You and your staff will sort through lots of photos to find ones that will represent CAP and Encampment well, and you'll publish those on Facebook, Instagram, and PhotoBucket.  If you make videos, you can publish those on the Cadet Programs YouTube page.  For the Primary position, it's important to be able to manage your staff, set and achieve goals, train your staff, and do planning.  For the Secondary position, it's more important to have interest in one or more of the above areas, and preferably be able to teach those skills to your cadet staff.

The Public Affairs Officer:

  • Is responsible for training and leading the Public Affairs Staff.

  • Collects biographies of the Command Staff and Cadet Wing Staff before the activity for use in the encampment newsletters.

  • Records all training sessions for internal publication.

  • Ensures that the entire encampment, including all individual schools, are documented through photographs and video and supervises the creation of any content to be published.

  • Supervises the publication of a daily encampment newsletter.

  • Creates press releases for the local media and arranges tours of the encampment for the media. All requests must be approved by the Encampment Command Staff.

  • Is responsible for updating the Encampment Website and Facebook page before, during and after the activity.

  • Coordinates with Chief of Staff to recruit subordinate staff members for their section as they deem necessary.

  • Reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

Training Officers

We need several senior members to fill this role.  The Training Officer is the ever-present senior with the cadet flights.  They are there to guide and mentor the cadre and students throughout the week, but generally leave the direct leadership and command to the cadet cadre.  Since this is a mentorship role on general leadership and taking on adult responsibility, extensive CAP knowledge is not required.  Maturity and ability to help pass on life lessons to both cadre and students is paramount.  Because we need one for every flight, there end up being about 12 of these positions available! If you're interested in more information, check out our Training Officer Information page.  

The Training and Counseling Officers:

  • Are assigned to cadet flights and are housed with the cadets in the open-bay barracks.

  • Are responsible for monitoring the overall safety, well-being, and morale of that flight.

  • Mentors to the flight staff.

    • Takes care to not interfere with the cadet flight staff’s execution of their duties but may provide assistance when it is requested by the cadet flight staff.

  • Provides counsel to cadets experiencing homesickness or other emotional needs, consulting with encampment Chaplains as necessary.

  • Remains in radio contact with the cadet staff of their flight at any time that the TAC is away from the flight or ensures that another TAC is temporarily assigned to the flight.

  • Alerts the Health Services Staff as needed in the case of illness or injury.

  • Reminds the cadet flight staff of the medication schedules of the cadets in the flight.

  • Personal counseling of cadets, as necessary.

  • Responsible stewardship of resources, whether belonging to CAP or the host facility.

  • May be requested to perform other duties during the week as time permits. (i.e. in-processing, demobilization, special activities.)

  • Reports directly to the Chief Training and Counseling Officer.

Special Projects/Utility Officer

The special projects officer:

  • Works under the direction of the Chief of Staff to complete day-of projects to include:

    • Mobilization and demobilization of check in

    • Set up and tear down on range day

    • Movement of vehicles and personnel

  • Substitute for Tac Officers receiving break time

  • Assist other departments as necessary

  • Other duties as assigned.

  • Coordinates with Chief of Staff to recruit subordinate staff members for their section as they deem necessary.

  • Delegates to, and mentors all cadet and senior members assigned to Special Projects.

  • Reports directly to the Chief of Staff.

Dining Team

Encampment will utilize a catering company for the buying and cooking of all meals. We require a senior member liaison to communicate between the Catering Staff and the Chief of Staff. There will not be any Cadets assigned to Dining for the Encampment. The catering company will not be providing meals for the Pre-activities, we will look to our Dining Officer to help plan meals for those activities.

Dining Officer (Liaison)

Senior Dining Officer:

  • Is responsible for the oversight, planning and execution of the dining plan for MNWG encampment Pre-activities: Selection Exercise, Training Weekend, and Prep School

  • Liaises between Catering company and Encampment Leadership as-needed

  • Coordinates with Finance to coordinate and maintain a budget

  • Coordinates mealtimes with the Commandant of Cadets, and leadership of any other schools as applicable

  • Coordinates with Logistics to ensure any field meals are appropriately delivered

  • Coordinates evening snack disbursement between catering company and appropriate staff members

  • Reports to Chief of Staff

Encampment Chaplain Corps

Head Chaplain

The Head Chaplain:

  • Is responsible for training and leading the Chaplains before and during encampment.

  • Works in conjunction with the Curriculum and Plans Officer to ensure that adequate time for Character Development is included in the schedule.

  • Coordinates formal worship services and daily prayer for those members who request it.

  • Obtains and distributes information for Camp. Ripley area worship services.

  • Ensures that counseling is provided to any member who requests counseling.

  • Maintains a presence during all parts of the encampment in order to be available to those who need counseling.

  • Responsible for recruiting encampment Chaplains. Encampment Chaplains need to be approved by the Command Staff.

  • Reports directly to the Encampment Commander.

Encampment Chaplains

An Encampment Chaplain:

  • Is responsible for the moral and spiritual welfare of encampment participants.

  • Works as an advisor to the commander and staff on matters of religious freedoms, morals, and wellbeing of personnel under his or her command.

  • Provides counsel.

  • Supports cadet character development education.

  • Supports participant’s religious needs.

  • Reports directly to the Head Chaplain.


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