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Calendar Information

Encampment provides electronic calendars for staff use.  Due to the constantly updating needs of Encampment and the regularly changing schedule, an electronic calendar is a means of instantly changing everyone's schedule simultaneously, to lower the amount of confusion.

Here are Encampment's automatically-updated calendars:


The easiest way to use these calendars is to sign in to your Google account, visit the above links, and click the   +   Google Calendar  button in the bottom right of the page (or directly from this page).  You'll be taken to Google Calendar, and shown a popup asking whether you'd like to add a calendar.  Click Add.  That's it!  You'll need the Google Calendar app installed on your device (Android or iOS), and you'll get notifications for upcoming Encampment schedule items.

If you followed those steps, but you're still not seeing the Encampment calendar in your Google Calendar, you might have to manually enable the specific calendar.  Go to your specific calendar settings, find the calendar called MN Enc-Students, and make sure the box is checked next to it.

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