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Cadet Advisory Council

The Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) is a national hierarchy of cadets whose job it is to advise their commanders on ways to improve the cadet program at the wing, region, and national level.  In Minnesota, each squadron may send one or two delegates to the wing council.  The Minnesota CAC is responsible for running the wing volleyball tournament amongst other things.

 Normally, to effect change at a high level within a structured organization like Civil Air Patrol is, you have to pass feedback through your local chain of command to your squadron commander, who has to pass that feedback through the wing chain of command, to the wing commander, who in turn passes that feedback through the region, and then national chains of command.  The Cadet Advisory Council is meant to be a way to sidestep that chain in an advisory manner.  Each squadron sends a cadet directly to their wing level, already bypassing much of the chain, and that wing CAC can provide advice directly to the Wing commander.  

Likewise, to acquire feedback for a program or activity, or even just to get a feel for how the cadets in the wing are doing, the wing commander usually has to ask the group commanders to ask the squadron commanders to ask the cadet staff to ask the cadets for feedback.  However, using the Cadet Advisory Council, the wing commander can directly ask the council for their opinion as cadets of squadrons around the wing, or even ask them to directly talk to cadets within their squadrons.

Join the CAC

To join the Cadet Advisory Council, talk to your local squadron's leadership and ask who the current representative for your squadron is!  You can ask them to mentor you, and let your local leadership know that you'd like to participate in the Cadet Advisory Council.  Normally, the next term's staff are selected in September or early October each year. 

To learn more about how the CAC runs behind the scenes, read through CAPP 52-19, the Cadet Advisory Council Guide.

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