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Communicating with other squadrons

As a Cadet Advisory Council representative, you will occasionally need to contact other squadrons across Minnesota Wing to collect data or provide announcements.  These guidelines will help you write professional emails to other squadrons.

  1. Normally you'll want to double check with the CAC Senior Advisor and the other CAC officers before contacting other squadrons (except for the CAC rep from that squadron).  We'll be able to look over your email and make sure it's clear.  This shouldn't take too long -- just attach a proposed email to the task management software and mark for Review.  CAC staff will look it over and let you know.

  2. Introduce yourself and your project in emails.  Squadron staff don't normally know what projects the CAC is working on, so just an email from a Red Wing flight commander asking about cadets in their squadron could be confusing.  Instead, introduce who you are, and your job (not all the jobs you have, just the job you're interacting as: Red Wing CAC Representative).  Then also introduce the project you're working on (e.g. "I'm working on a Cadet Advisory Council project to look into best practices for working with cadets with physical disabilities, and we're hoping to find out how that might impact cadets in Minnesota Wing!  Could you take a moment to fill out this form about how this might affect cadets at your squadron?").

  3. Copy (cc) CAC Officers (the CAC Chair and Vice Chair) as well as the CAC Senior Advisor on your emails to keep them in the loop.  They normally won't step in unless needed; it's just helpful to be able to stay up to date with task progress and communication.

  4. Prefer using that squadron's CAC representative as a contact point if possible.  Most squadrons in MN have already sent a squadron representative to CAC and that's a shortcut through the chain of command that would be perfect to use most of the time.  That way, you can just send a quick email to the rep from another squadron, no approval required (still keep points 2 and 3 in mind though).

Looking for a specific CAC rep?  Find a CAC rep using the Intranet system.

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