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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is part of the Aerospace Education mission in the Civil Air Patrol.
The Minnesota Wing is developing programs and activities to advance STEM exploration for its cadet corps.

STEM Badge Program

Cadets can earn the right to wear the STEM Badge on the Blues uniform by completing STEM activities and tasks as they explore STEM topics.
Once you earn the Basic STEM Badge, you can continue on the Intermediate and Advanced badges.
More details about the STEM Badge Program can be found in CAPP 60-41.


Next STEM Badge Day - September 17, 2022

STEM Badge Day
September 17, 2022
Location: Anoka County Composite Squadron, Blaine, MN

The MNWG Cadet Advisory Council together with Wing Cadet Programs is offering a STEM Badge Day for Minnesota Wing cadets.

This event is limited to 24 cadets.

Why you'll want to be here: 

  • STEM related activities in a "stations" format
  • You'll work in teams of 4 cadets on STEM challenges and activities
  • Earn 6 hours toward your STEM Badge in this single activity -- halfway there!
  • Planned activities to be announced

Cost: $10 cash upon arrival 

Application and registration is required.

Required Application Pre-Work: Cadet applicants must complete the Career Dossier component of the STEM Badge program and submit it with their application for this activity.

There are 3 requirements to earn the Basic STEM Badge:

  1. Be at least a C/SrA in eServices
  2. Complete a minimum of 12 hours of STEM related activities
  3. Complete a Career Dossier document, exploring a STEM-related career

Review CAPP 60-41 on pages 6-7 for information on how to complete the Career Dossier.
Cadets may use this template to create their own Career Dossier document.

You need to have your completed Career Dossier document ready to upload with your application for this activity.
This document is required to submit an application for STEM Badge Day.

Applications for this STEM Badge Day will open on August 15.
Click here to submit an application.

Registrations will be accepted through August 31 or when all slots are filled -- whichever comes first.

Watch for the wing announcement opening applications and updates on this page.



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