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Minnesota Leadership Academy

Minnesota Leadership Academy 2022

Minnesota Leadership Academy Commander: Capt Kate Tostenson

Date: 20-23 October, 2022

Location: Building 19-23, 9-133, 9-134, Camp Ripley, MN

Minnesota Leadership Academy (MLA) is a weekend leadership activity held during Minnesota's MEA weekend.  Over the weekend, students of MLA's three "schools" practice leadership skills, learn teamwork and followership, and (importantly) have fun!  Schools are split by cadet rank and experience, from Airman Training School (ATS), where new cadets that haven't yet been to Encampment can learn, to Non-Commissioned Officer School (NCOS), where cadet NCOs can learn team management and drill of the flight.  For senior NCOs and cadet officers, Regional Cadet Leadership School provides an intense curricula of executive training, where students can learn the skills it takes to run larger groups and plan events.

Airman Training School

Airman Training School, or ATS, is for new CAP cadets.  Generally students are between C/AB (not yet promoted) and C/SrA (the third promotion) in the cadet program.  No prior CAP experience is required, and at ATS, you'll learn what it means to be a cadet, all while getting to know fellow airmen from around the state!  You don't even need a uniform.  You'll learn basic drill, starting from scratch, and by the end of the weekend you'll be familiar with CAP's customs and courtesies.  Besides doing cool exclusive activities at Camp Ripley normally only available to military members, you'll also become familiar with all the other cool opportunities Civil Air Patrol has to offer cadets (and you'll have great resources to help you understand how to take advantage of those too!).

A further bonus is that students who attend ATS will graduate the weekend having completed all the requirements for their next promotion.

Non-Commissioned Officer School

Non-commissioned officers, or NCOs are also known as sergeants.  These are the backbone of any military organization, and the same is true in CAP.  If you've graduated Encampment and you're at least a C/SrA, (or at least a C/MSgt, with or without Encampment credit), you're eligible to apply for Non-Commissioned Officer School, or NCOS for short.  Attending NCOS will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience to lead and teach flight drill, prepare and present professional speeches, manage subordinate cadets, and lead by example.  

Regional Cadet Leadership School

Cadet officers (or soon-to-be; minimum is C/MSgt) are eligible to apply for Regional Cadet Leadership School.  This is a region-wide activity held in Minnesota with the purpose of teaching new officers all the skills required to plan and execute larger events.  By the end of the weekend, you'll have completed an intensive training course and will have experience planning, executing plans, and leading at a larger scale.  RCLS credit or participation in national Cadet Officer School is a prerequisite for the C/Lt Col (Eaker) promotion.  You'll leave the weekend knowing the principles of officership, the responsibility of command, how to mentor and develop younger cadets, and having had an introduction to upper level management.

Volunteer University Level 3 Course

This is a Senior Member only School. This course will cover all Axis and moderated modules for Level 3 of the Education and Training Program. The goal of the course is to complete the entirety of Level 3 modules at once.  This is a great opportunity for those that just don't have the time to dedicate to a Volunteer University Cohort or for those who are suffering virtual meeting fatigue and enjoy face to face interaction. The only prerequisite is that you have completed your Level 2.

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