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Transportation to Encampment

Transportation To And From Encampment

2023 Student Arrival Information 

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2022
Arrival Time: 1200h-1230h
Arrival Uniform: ABUs
Location: Camp Ripley Building 7-133

Students are expected to arrive on time. To arrive late, you must request approval from the Encampment Leadership team at

2023 Departure Information

See our Graduation Page for more information about departure on Saturday July 1st 2023.


Each family is responsible for coordinating transportation to and from Encampment.  However, many local squadrons provide transportation to their cadets to and from Encampment, so check with your local unit to see if they are arranging rides. 

The drop-off location is changing this year!  To keep traffic flowing, please refer to the Encampment arrival information and park in the lot shown below. Follow our traffic guides to walk your cadet across the road to building T-133.