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Staffing Encampment

The experience of staffing an Encampment is the reason many CAP members keep coming back.  It's an opportunity to work alongside the best and brightest of Minnesota's Cadet Program, and simultaneously an opportunity to practice your own leadership.  Whether you're a flight sergeant, a PAO, or a Training Officer, Encampment staff has a place for you.

If you're looking for cadet staff dates, check out the Cadet Staff (Cadre) page.

Cadet Line and Support Staff

Cadet line and support staff are the bread and butter of Encampment staff.  Command (line) staff are the more recognizable of the two, directly interacting with students and participating in formations and PT.  Examples of command staff include Flight Sergeant and Flight Commander, as well as First Sergeants and the Command Chief.  However, Encampment couldn't survive without support (HQ) staff like the Logistics, Dining, Admin, and PAOs.  Learn more and apply.

Cadet Executive Staff

Encampment is a cadet run activity, and cadet executive staff do much of the planning to make Encampment run smoothly.  Positions include the overall CTG Commander, as well as deputies for ALC, BLC, Dining, and Support.  Where cadet line and support staff do much of the down-and-dirty training, cadet executive staff are responsible for managing large swaths of Encampment.  Executive Staff applications happen early on in the Encampment season.  Learn more and apply.

Senior Members

Senior member volunteer time during Encampment is always appreciated.  Encampment is a week long activity, but you don't have to sign up for the whole week to volunteer!  If you can't make the whole week, just let us know which days you're available and we'll work with you.  As always, to work with cadets you have to have completed Cadet Protection training.  Learn more and apply.

Senior Member Positions at Encampment

  • Training Officer.  Each cadet flight, plus ALC, needs a Training Officer (all in all there's about 12!).  The training officer (sometimes called TAC, for Training And Care) shadows an Encampment flight, provides an understanding ear for first year students (away from their flight staff), and watches for the safety of the flight.  You must be able to keep up with the flight and walk 5 miles per day.  No experience required, but if you'd like to read more, visit our Training Officer Resources page.

  • Senior support.  If Training Officer doesn't sound interesting to you, or you don't meet the requirements, there are many other Senior Member positions at Encampment.  If you have an area you're interested in, or even if you just know that you'd like to volunteer, look through the application page and fill out the form there.

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